Frequently asked questions

  • How Pair works

  • What is Pair?

    Pair is a service, enabling people commute in comfort to and from work in Lagos and Abuja, by connecting Car-owners to non-car owners, commuting to work via the same route. The principle behind Pair is for non-car owners whom we call Pair passengers to experience the comfort of a private car, without the cost and responsibilities of ownership and for Car-owners whom we call Pair-drivers to earn extra revenue by sharing rides with their Car.

  • How do I signup as a Pair driver or passenger?

    Simply,click on the "become a driver" option at the top of the website to signup as a driver.To signup as a passenger and order rides,click on "book a ride" to get started.

  • Can I book a ride anywhere across Nigeria?

    Pair is only available to Lagos, and Abuja residents.

  • What is the passenger limit for a ride on Paircharter?

    Pair Xetra : 3 or 4 passengers (Depending on the Car) , Pair Yetra : 3 passengers (Working class and Corporate class rides only) , Pair Zetra : From 6 passengers upwards.

  • Does Pair offer free trial to new users?

    Yes,as a new user.You are emtitled to a N700 free Pair credit,upon signing up.To activate,use coupon code : "Anta1990"

  • How long does it take to find a ride on Pair?

    Finding a ride on Pair is usually a matter of days.

  • Can I book a Saloon Car for just myself?

    Yes,you can.Only for Executive rides on Pair Xetra and Yetra..

  • How save am I with a Pair driver?

    You are very safe with Pair drivers.Unlike everyday taxis or charters,all drivers on the platform,are staffs of Vehicle charter companies,in partnership with Pair. Thus,they are well vetted to ensure your safety,as a rider(passenger).

  • What brands of Vehicle are available to be booked on Paircharter?

    On Paircharter,we try as much as we can to cater for difference in taste and preference.Currently,passengers(riders) can select from 300+ vehicles on the platform.Ranging from Saloon Cars,Minivans,Suv's, Minibuses and Buses.

  • Account

  • How do I change my account information?

    Change your account information via your account dashboard. Your account dashboard is the default page the system takes you, upon signing into your Pair account as a Pair driver or a Pair passenger.

  • I forgot my password – how do I reset it?

    Click on the "forgot password" option on your login page,and you will recieve an sms guiding you on how to reset your password.

  • I am having issues signing-up successfully.

    Please speak with a customer care rep. on the live chat option on the website.The live chat option is available on the bottom of the webpage on your phone or web browser.Alternatively,you can request a call from a rep. or email NB: When you request a call from a rep. via the website,it may take a while to be reached.You are adviced to call the hotline; if you do not recieve a call at the stipulated time.

  • Safety

  • How does pair track my trip?

    While there is currently no realtime minute tracking feature on the platform. Pair riders are expected to make use of the Pair-in/Pair-out feature on every passenger(rider) dashboard.

  • What is Pair-in/Pair-out tracker?

    Pair-in/Pair-out is a click feature on every Passenger(rider) dashboard ,with which you are expected to confirm trip takeoff.

  • Is it compulsory I activate the paircharter tracker?

    Yes it is mandatory you activate the tracker, as it allows Pair administrators to track your commuting activity and keep records of unusual scenarios or signs while commuting. For the Pair driver, activating the tracker is a means for you to inform pair that you have just picked up your ride partner or you’ve just dropped off your partner.

  • I cannot find the Paircharter tracker(Pair-in/pair-out) on my account.

    The Pair tracker is located on the right-hand side of every users PAIR dashboard.

  • Are aircharter vehicles air-conditioned?

    It is mandatory for all PAIR vehicles to have a working AC. It is compulsory for Pair-drivers to activate the AC feature on their Car while commuting with a Pair-passenger, except the Passenger goes against it.

  • Trip questions

  • What should I do if my passenger(rider) makes a mess of my Car?

    In this situation, please submit photo evidence and forward it to Or talk to a Pair rep. on the website's live chat service ,or via the mobility chat service- Telegram.

  • What if I forget to notify Pair about my pairing activity via the Pair tracker?

    If you do not activate the Pair tracker before starting a trip or after a trip. Our administrators will find it difficult to prove you fulfilled your obligations as a Pair driver for the trip, since you didn’t activate the tracker and thus may not appropriately charge the Pair-passenger. Always confirm that you are starting a trip, by clicking on Pair-in, on the Pair tracker, and by clicking Pair-out to show a trip just ended.

  • What is the cancellation policy?

    Either a paired driver or passenger can cancel pairing with the other by simply clicking on the cancel pairing option under settings on the dashboard. Note: Pair doesn’t guarantee a refund if a passenger decides to discontinue a pairing session which has been paid for already.