Whether you're part of a business, Pair would love to help you turn your network into a source of income. The Pair partner programme is for people who have a broad network of working class people, or who happen to know a friend or family member who commutes to and from work daily in Lagos or Abuja.

Refering your friends and colleagues to use Pair,enables you change their commute experiences to and from work(as passengers),and help them earn money with their Cars,while driving to and from work daily.

As a Pair partner,you are entitled to ₦1,000 monthly for six months,on every successful passenger referral ie For every passenger you refer to Pair,who successfully uses Pair ; you earn ₦1,000 for every month they ride on Pair,for the next six months.

You can also earn as much as ₦5,000 monthly for six months ,on every successful driver referal.ie For every friend,colleague etc you refer to Pair as drivers,and who successfully ride with Pair ; you earn 10% of ride fare payed by every passenger to such driver. For example : If your refered driver picks up 5 Pair passengers at a cost of ₦500 per passenger per trip ;you earn ₦250 per every successful trip.Eventually,in a week where the driver completes all of his/her trips(10 trips in a week) ; you earn ₦2,500 on that week.

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