Passenger Etiquette

  • Give good drivers five stars. Always ensure to rate your driver after a successful trip, that ensures he is listed for other trips in future,if he is a pleasant driver ; while,if he is a bad driver,give him three stars or fewer and he will never be suggested to you in future.
  • Always be of best behaviour. Drivers also rate their passengers, so if you were rude, acted up or in some way, or got on your driver’s bad side, the driver can ensure he’ll never give you another ride by also rating you three stars or fewer ; hereby making future drivers reluctant to ride with you. Get enough negative rating, to a score below 60% and you will be barred from using the platform in future.
  • Compliments are always appreciated. Leave a compliment on the on the compliment section of a drivers page , to encourage them for a job well done.Drivers see their top comments, and a few kind words can really make their day.

  • It’s your ride, please get comfortable. Don’t be afraid to get cozy when you hop in a Paircharter with friends. You can ask to charge your phone, change the music, switchoff the music or turn the A/C up. You can even recline your passengers seat and nap. As long as you’re polite and respectful to your driver and his car, most things are fine—just don’t light a cigarette or put your feet on the dashboard.
  • Tell us where you want to be picked up. You are requested to state your suggested pickup and dropoff landmark, while opening a ride request. This helps a driver to plan ahead before the ride day or time.


  • Don’t eat smelly food :and ask before you eat or drink things in a Paircharter X. (Only applicable to Paircharter X and Y rides).
  • Don't be rude to your Charter driver ; explain things easily to him/her,if there are concerns.
  • Don’t get into a quarrel or brawl in a Paircharter ride; you can be barred from using the platform in future.